The guide to building a killer CV in 30 minutes

The guide to building a killer CV in 30 minutes

Some basic rules:-

  •  The first page of your CV is the most important – it should stand on its own as
    your personal advert
  • Your CV should be brief – ideally 2 and certainly not more than 3 pages long
    · Your name, address, phone number, email etc in a clear block at the top
  • A short ‘Profile’ setting out who you are, what you do and your key skills and
    abilities Go back to Part check your key skills – are they still relevant
    now you are writing your profile (click to return to part 1) Use bullet points
    and bold type for emphasis. (click for sample profiles)
  • Education and qualifications – list the top level of education you have, with
    dates, plus any professional qualifications.
  • A Career History in reverse chronological order, concentrating on your most
    recent job(s) Say who you work(ed) for, job title, and responsibilities. List
    your key achievements – they will serve as examples of the ‘key skills’ in the
    profile. Try to be specific – express achievement in terms of money, time,
    percentages. Note – your Profile makes claims about you- your Career
    History provides evidence of these claims.·
  • Do the same for previous jobs, but with less detail. If you have had a long
    career, earlier jobs can be covered in just one or two lines
  • · Complete your CV with Personal Details – date of birth, marital status
    (optional) nationality (optional) and any particular outside interests or
  • Use a clear, simple type face. Try Tahoma as an alternative to Times New
  • · When complete, save your CV to your hard drive

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